Full Recovery End Life Photovoltaic

PV Cycle

Founded in 2007 by the European PV industry, PV CYCLE started out as a pan-European Producer scheme for the treatment of photovoltaic waste, offering dedicated compliance and waste management services for solar energy system products falling under WEEE and Battery Producer Responsibility legislation.
Having been the first to offer collective take-back and recycling solutions for PV modules, PV CYCLE has already treated several thousand tonnes of discarded PV modules.
Today, PV CYCLE consists of numerous national subsidiaries that manage our daily operational business and offer treatment and legal compliance solutions for a large set of solar energy system products.

PV CYCLE services cover the entire process of waste management and legal compliance for solar energy system products in one or multiple countries.

PV CYCLE Affiliates are companies, organizations or institutes that proactively contribute to the development of sustainable solar energy waste management and legal compliance.

To execute on our mission of offering best-in-class PV waste treatment services and drive progress, PV CYCLE takes an active stake in promoting innovation, investments and projects in the PV industry.