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The Stazione Sperimentale del Vetro is a consortium company with a majority of the CCIAA of Venice with its task to promote with investigations, project, studies, research, analysis, technical progress of the glass industry nationwide.
SSV has been operating since 1956 in a site in Murano -Venice provided by the Venetian Municipality. It is the only Italian body devoted, by its institutional deed, to dealing with the scientific and technological issues of the whole national glass industry (hollow, flat and technical glass, glass fibres, hand-made glass, raw materials, refractories, furnaces, etc.), and acts as a linkage between research on the one side, which it often develops in cooperation with Universities and other Italian and foreign centers, and industrial application of the obtained results on the other.
New laboratories have been set in 2000 in the premises of Parco Scientifico e Tecnologico, Venice-Marghera.
The staff (around 50 employees), is made up of graduates and technicians. The area of the building where the laboratories, offices and library are located at present, is about 2000 sq.m. In the Marghera area (about 750 sq.m) the test laboratories for architectural glazing are located, as well as the mobile laboratory for environmental investigations.
Together with other institutes, established in seven other industrial fields, the SSV works under the guidance of the Italian Ministry of Production Activities. It is financed partly by compulsory contributions from the Italian glass companies and import traders and partly by the direct sale of its services, and by various contributions.
The activity carried out at SSV has developed in two main directions: technical assistanceĀ  and applied research for industrial development. A specialised Library is open to the public and a scientifical journal is published.