Full Recovery End Life Photovoltaic

Expected results

The expected results, demonstrated at a pilot plant treating 3.500 t of PV panels over the project lifetime, are:

  • full recovery of aluminum and connectors for recycling in suitable industries;
  • development of a new technology for the improvement of EVA (ethylene-vinyl acetate) detachment from glass, preserving glass;
  • purity for integral recycling in valuable flat and hollow glass;
  • recovery of energy from EVA sandwich, maintaining the ability of crystalline silicon and metals to be processed;
  • development of a new acid leaching technology for the full recovery of (metallic) silicon, to be used as iron silicon alloys or amorphous silicon for the production of thin films;
  • full recovery of metals through micro and nano-filtering of eluate, to be used for recycling in suitable industries;
  • recovery from 3.500 t PV panels of:
    • 2.800 t of glass,
    • 350 t aluminum,
    • 35 t connectors,
    • 90 t fuel,
    • 70 t gas,
    • 157,5 t gasoil,
    • 24 t of pure silicon,
    • 3,15 t metals,
    • 0,35 t organic waste;
  • a considerable reduction in energy consumption and CO2 emissions due to the use of glass cullet in the glass melting furnace, to the substitution of virgin silicon with recycled silicon and to the production of energy by EVA cracking.